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Vision 3E

What We Do

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At Vision 3E we believe that the future of content is video, and with that in mind we intend to conduct interviews, and or to receive content from other sources that is segmented in such a way as to facilitate an easy acquisition of that KTC through the use of categories, titles and or specific key words. The majority of the videos will range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

The broad categories will include but not be limited to, Health, Housing, Immigration, Construction, Travel, IT and items related to the History of the Cayman Islands and its people. Under the aforementioned categories as well as others, both written and video content will be searchable by title, or keywords.

Upon the realization of this vision, in the very near future, persons living in the Cayman Islands and around the World for the first time will be able to gain access to a constantly expanding knowledge base, knowledge that will be both Universal and Cayman specific. Website users will be able to watch videos, documentaries and or interviews, such as, but not limited to, the process of getting a permit, or converting a driver’s license, or important travel information. Local audiences can view interviews from local doctors on steps they can take to achieve and maintain health, how to acquire a mortgagee or how to use their pension to get a home. Our children can sit at home whilst teachers educate them from the most basic of topics to the most complex. Interviews of our elderly, cultural events and other historical information will help maintain and continue to shape our cultural identity. Our vision is to build a priceless Centre of Knowledge specifically for the Cayman Islands, that vision is Vision 3E.