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KTC Quality Control and Ethos

Key to the success of 3E will be to incessantly create quality content and equally important to ensure that every single piece of content published by Vision 3E is guided by the ethos of ‘Educate, Enlighten and Elevate’ that ethos will apply to all those who are involved in the creation of the content as well as the recipients of that content. 3E anticipates creating the majority of the KTC in the early stages, but over time we anticipate that most of the content will be created by persons, companies and or organizations, (such as yours), external to 3E.

Insofar as quality control of the content created and or published by 3E, all persons involved with the creation of any content will be guided by the ethos as previously outlined. Individuals, companies and or organizations wishing to publish their content on 3E will also be held to that ethos. In the beginning stages of the Company, the CEO of 3E along with other personnel will be directly responsible for ensuring adherence to the quality standards and the ethos of the company before any video is published to the website. It is anticipated that as the company grows, that there will be a small 3 or 5 person committee setup to oversee quality control and ethos adherence.