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It's Your Turn Now Cayman

By Vision3E | Published on Mar/02/2017

It's Your Turn Now Cayman 
Uploaded on Mar 2, 2017

In a riveting speech delivered on the 31st of January 2017 at the Launch of his campaign Mr. Solomon informed the audience that they should vote for Candidates not because they are a part of a Party ticket but to look at what they have accomplished for their communities, he stated that good track record was a good indication as to what they could expect when the person was elected...Mr. Solomon spoke of the 35 plus things he had done in his community as a private citizen and as an elected official.

With the Slogan of his campaign being "Its your turn now Cayman" Mr. Solomon showed that consequtive governments had neglected the people, that the very premise (Eden Centre) where the meeting was being held was in the same condition for the past 13 years since hurricane Ivan yet no government had given a concession to help this family and pointed out that the average Caymanian family was no better off, millions of dollars in concession could be given to foreign investors but little to nothing to help our own people, and to a deafening applause for change Mr. Solomon assured them..that "its your turn now".

He said it was time the average family in this country actually benefits from the 2.4 Billion that is being spent in the economy.

He implored the crowd to consider if he had done all of those things as a mere backbencher imagine what the others should be able to accomplish as a Minister and likewise if he done all of that as a backbencher imagine what he will be able to accomplish as a Minister.

"Its your turn now Cayman"


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