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Heart Talk - with Pamela Thompson Champoux "Recreating History"

By Vision3E | Published on Oct/11/2016

Heart Talk - with Pamela Thompson Champoux "Recreating History" 

Uploaded on Oct 11, 2016

Pamela arrived on the shores of the Cayman Island 20years ago, looking for a change in environment. ‘From the Harsh winters of Canada to the Sunny Isles of the Caribbean’ Pamela found home in the small yet rapidly growing economy.

Some time later she married a fellow Canadian and settled down to a quite life at home with her husband and two kids, however the Hurricane 'Ivan" of 2004 interrupted her professional life as an architect and Pamela like many others sought refuge in her home land until it was feasible to return to the Islands with her two young children.

During her stint in Canada her mom became very ill which left her searching for cures and upon her return she was hit with another catastrophe; rebuilding her home and family life.

From the busy architectural world, to rebuilding Hurricane damaged homes, to caring for her small kids, Pamela had to make choices forcing her to make life changing decisions in the best interest of her young family. Never expecting what would come next Pamela trudged on…And today she has morphed in a total different direction with the birth of her new passion ‘CouCoux Oil’.

What started in the kitchen as a simple experiment of natural ingredients made from coconut oil, rapidly grew to a small yet thriving business in Cayman. Home made, natural Products to heal, cure and soothe the mind, body and spirit has taken on a whole new prospective for Pamela.

By taking an old Caymanian tradition Pamela has ‘recreated our history’ and found new and innovative ways to use coconut oil from locally grown coconut trees. Bringing back the old industry long forgotten from our past to a thriving new business. Pamela reminds us of who we were and the great things we can achieve once we are forced to look inward for the answers. 

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