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Heart Talk with Derri Dacres Lee - Inspiring Women "Paying it Forward"

By Vision3E | Published on Nov/17/2016

Heart Talk with Derri Dacres Lee - Inspiring Women "Paying it Forward" 
Uploaded on Nov 17, 2016

Inspiring Woman "Paying it Forward" Derri Dacres Lee grew up in the Small Island of Cayman Brac in a small close nit community with loving parents and under the watchful eye of her two older siblings; she flourished.

Later after winning the crown of Miss Teen Cayman Brac and representing her Island in the Miss Teen Cayman Islands and the Miss Cayman Islands beauty contest (where she placed first runner up in both) she went on to sing and model in various events. It was while performing to local and International Audiences that she realized her passion for people and went on to start her own charity. With a big heart Derri wanted to give back in some small way to the Islands and people who had given her so much; she started the “Lean on Me Foundation” helping to raise funds and to feed the less fortunate amongst us. But it did not stop there, Derri now heads up the Miss Caymanian Islands beauty pageant as the Chair Woman.

On a daily and annually basis Derri now gives of her time (along with her other charities) aid to young Caymanian girls wanting to further themselves, gain more exposure and reach their highest potential and as the Head of the Committee Derri is able to do that….help young shy girls realize their potential and reach for the stars.

With a full time job and as Chair Woman of the Miss Cayman committee, not taking life for granted Derri spends her time ‘paying it forward’ , she is a wonderful example and inspiration to us all.

For more videos visit www.vision3e.ky/Heart Talk.

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